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Registered by Nicolas Bessi - Camptocamp on 2010-01-07

We have to change the way the date of the stock move are handle and the way of computing stock level borned by date.
Actually when you create a picking, it has a planned date and a date done, when you validate the picking the date done is filled, but this information is not reported at the stock move level.

If you look at the get_product_available function you can see it use the move date planned to compute stock level.

This is not good because it does not represent reality in the virtual stock (That is not too bad) and in real stock(That is really bad).
As it is not representative of reality, this cause quite a problem when you have fiscal controlling based on your stock or if you want to make real stock forecast.

Maybe when you validate the picking you should change the planned date of the move, or use the picking date of the move to do this computation, or have a planned date or a real date on the stock move.

This point has to be discussed because, the result of the stock level does not fit reality and this is quite a problem.


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Raphaël Valyi:

agree; but shouldn't that be considered a bug?

A lot of issues are solved in
pls read there and the associated bugs

Frederic (Ferme Urbaine):
Stock calculation should realy be reviewed:
- inventory should be the start point with no rounding depending on uom: when human gives a quantity, computer doesn't have to change anything
- on loosing old stock.move data, human inventory is ignored on stock calculation
- date done has to be the base for calculation
=> inventory product_qty + sum(product_qty) for later moves (based on date done)

Ferdinand 20100112
what I did in chricar_price_unit (added a field)
calculated product_qty - inventory product_qty >> diff, which creates a stock move - so the results using current method are correct AND it's audit proof.

Lionel 20140312
Was this fixed eventually?


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