Calculate and display the delivery time for items on a sale order

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A sale order is currently missing information about delivery time. Both internally in OpenERP and on the printed report (either in quotation stage or confirmed as a sale order) currently this data is not available.
The sale order should have this information attached (and it should get modified based on events: purchase orders, products received, periodical inventory, etc).

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This blueprint should be updated to indicate progress, and target 6.1 or 6.2.

This is partially implemented by sale_order_dates in 6.0.
Numerigraphe has proposed improvements on this module that include various pre-existing improvements from community modules.
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===GG 20091122===
Because I am partner of this Blueprint I add my points:

1. I think order should contain visible field of longest lead time of products of this order - Order time. For salesman convenience and for quotation printing. Note that it cannot be a date because until customer place order it is no fixed date. It is just time in days. This field should be recalculated after clicking special "Calculate time" button as it should reflect time after changes in product list. But it should be editable to give the Salesman opportunity to promise the delivery earlier than usual.

2. When customer place an order salesman should have opportunity to set date of customer confirmation. I think current field "Date Ordered" is ok for it.

3. Then we should have another field "Promised date" which should be calculated after "Calculate date" button. In more advanced version of this point it should be Sales calendar to count the Order time as working days. There could be a cases that customer sees in our quotation that he can get products within 2 weeks but he orders them after 2 months. For such cases Salesman should have opportunity to change manually Promised date.

4. When Salesman confirms order dispatching confirmed move to customer should be created in Promised date. I mean that it cannot be as now that we have "Security days" which cause that dispatching move is few days earlier than Promised date. I think that all other moves (Procurements, Purchases Production etc. - to last internal location) should be number of Security days earlier but not dispatching (or delivery). I think date of move to customer location (as simple move or Delivery order move) is important information for warehouse when exactly delivery should be made. This date should be treated as schedule agreed with customer.

5. I think printout of Sales order shouldn't look like Order because order is send to us by customer. We need Order Confirmation which can be sent to customer. With the Promised date as already fixed date.

Some further considerations:
6. It seems that it is no functionality for delivery time to customer. I mean the time between dispatching from our warehouse to delivery to customer warehouse. This time should be reflected in additional field of Partner form as it can vary according to distance of customer. I think that when system is without delivery module we should treat Promised date as dispatching date. Let say delivery is a customer problem in this case. When we have Delivery module it should be selection what promised date means (Delivery date or Dispatching date). This selection should be placed at Partner form as we can have different agreement with different Partners. Such selection is tied with incoterms which should be also reflected in Orders.
====== END of GG opinion =====

====== AJ opinion ======
1. It's quite common in our field of work to use calendar weeks for the delivery times (e.g. CW03/2010: 18.01.2010..24.01.2010)
2. A sale order (as a quotation) should have a delivery term for the sale (max of all delivery terms) and individual delivery terms for each item.
3. Until the order is confirmed all delivery informations are in days
4. when an order is confirmed the days/weeks get converted to dates (based on the current date + offset).
5. The sale order delivery term becomes max (all delivery terms).
====== END AJ opinion ======


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