Multi Company Invoicing

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What's Already Done now with the 2 great module
* multi_company
* multi_company_account

This 2 module enable us to work with the multi company depends on the current ligin user. this is great but normally in the multi company the accountant he not always like to swith the account and encode the entries like (invoice)

In Invoice we are able to get the company_id field and user can switch the company too. but the problem is if we already encode the invoice and at last if we switch the company it not change the account for the partner and product in the invoice lines. more over if we switch the company in the beginning and then encode the invoice it still get the account from accout chart depends on the login user.

Even if we make a small change in to the Global Rul -> Account multi-company like make it applicable for the perticular groups and try to check even it takes the same account then the previous one.

There must be something like this
1. If we change the company before encoding the invoice it should get the account according the company and not according to the current user(Accountant)
2. for already encoded invoice if we change the company it should reflect to the all account in invoice (Partner in Invoice) and (Product in Invoice Line)

More in this
If we make a transection with one comany the other transection for the same company will be encoded automatically.

like in same DB we have 2 company Company A, and Company B
if Company encode the Transection for the Sales to Company B, in the Account of Company B Automatically we must get Purcase Transection from the Company. so no need to Encode the Entry for Company B.

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