Improvements on product lot foundry

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Includes dimensions on product form. Automatically aproves manufacturing order and create purchase orders... and so on.

All orders will be created as Draft, on openerp's standar way.
1. On product form is possible specifiying type of required dimensions. If cube then will ask for width, length and high. If spherical then will ask for lenght and diameter. Additionaly a field density is included to calculate the weight of product using a formula
2. It is possible automatically calculating weight on product form, using dimensions.
3. It is possible defining generical product with value = 1 in all dimensions.

It is possible specifing product dimensions on order line

1. Is possible specifing product dimensions on list of materials and calculating their specifical weight. By default it will take the product form dimensions for materials.

Manufacturing Order
Confirming the sales order, the manufacturing order will take by default the dimensions of materials specified on sales order for finished product.
On planified products, materials dimensions will be taken by default from BOM. It is possible changing dimensions for each one of planed materials.
On confirming order, dimensions will be taken from planified products, to fill the consumed products. A new production lot will be created for the final product, semielaborated product and material products included on planified products form. The lot number will be built taking dimensions values and weight. like this: 150X50X34-36kg. If it does not exists, will be created for that material.
Automatically, production lot of new line created on consumed product will be filled with the correct dimensions lot.
If necesary creating a new purchase order for provisioning materials, each line will show correct dimensions, taken from consumed products on MO.
The entry pack for the purchase order, will take by default the correct prod_lot for material and dimensions taken from p.o line.
Finally, we could produce and finished products will entry to location, including the correct dimension lot.

so.. it's valid for foundry, wood, machine and different industries...

Wishing you will like it... we will publish it, in near two weeks.
Thank you...

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