Link chained packing by an ID, Add so_id on each packing when possible and make location links different

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First, when validating a SO, it generates the packing and the delivery order but only the packing has a link back to SO. This is not optimal, cause then you can't invoice from delivery order but only from packing !

Then, even with stock_location module installed, you cannot set up the first source stock. I explain with an little example :

According you have something like this:

Main company location Supplier Location
| |
- Stock 1 - My main supplier
- Stock 2

If your product X is always delivered by your "My main supplier", then OpenERP will never be able to set up correctly the first "Start location" into packing. It always suppose the first start is your own "Stock 1" location, and you'll have to change manually each line of the picking to say that this will be delivered from your "My main supplier" location instead.

Finally, it would be great to link packings each one to another when they are related. So, according to the last example, if we setup chained location between Stock 1 and Stock 2 (with move generation), when I confirm the SO, I get 2 packing list :

One from Stock 1 -> Stock 2
a second from Stock 2 -> Customer

Well, this is good, but then if I invoice from the second packing, the first one will not be ticked "invoiced". With this kind of link, this become possible. You can then make interaction between packing !! Would increase the possibilities, make parallels flow more easier to manage, etc...

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I agree that when you use Delivery orders it should be possible to create invoice from delivery order (for really dispatched quantities). And in SO it should be controlling of packing lists (dispatched - Picked) and invoices at last internal location. As last location I mean location from which goods are moved to Customer location. It is needed for real live stock processes. But I think that when it could be controlled at Delivery order stage it is no need to control it at earlier packing lists stage.

I cannot understand your example. I think that conception of Shop in SO is quite good. So when you set Shop you establish Sales Warehouse and you can only play with dispatching location (Picking policy). When you choose "Delivery Order only" you dispatch from Stock location of Sales warehouse. When you choose "Packing list & Delivery Order" you dispatch from Output location of Sales Warehouse. The strange thing is that when you choose "Delivery Order Only" it works as "Packing List Only" - no delivery order is generated.

It seems you wish to have SO and dispatching from two warehouses. I also met such wishes from customers. Formally it is almost impossible. When you have two warehouses with two warehouse managers whose responsibility is split you cannot have one document (packing list or delivery order) for shipment. You have to move internally goods to one of these warehouse or move to third one to collect the shipment. Maybe someone else has some indications.
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