Allow including global discounts on orders and invoices

Registered by Ana Juaristi Olalde

Including functionality, that allows applying global discounts to the order, and the invoice.

A new many to many widget should be included on orders (similar to taxes widget on invoices), where user could add the global discounts(negative) or fees(positive) applying to total amount of order or invoice.

Improve this functionality including discount as a new subtotal shown on report order or invoice.

Include a new many to many widget on customer to be able setting default global discounts or fees to a customer. On creating a new order for a customer with default globals defined on his form, values on order or invoice should be set by default.

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==GG 21.12.09 ===
See in trunk module product_visible_discount.
=== GG end===

====ANA 21.12.09====

Yes... I know the module. But that's not what I'm proposing. Imaging a VIP customer where you want to offer 5% discount on an order. I would like to include a discount line on order and invoice applying ALL lines... So each product could have a discount according deffined tarif, but there should be the possibility including a global line appliying a discount apart of tarifs...
Somethink like this

Product A, quantity 1, discount %10, unit price 100€, line price 90€
Product B, quantity 1, discount %20, unit price 100€, line price 80€

         Subtotal Products price: 170€
         Global discount %10: 17€
         TAX 16%: 24,48€
         Total (product_price - discount) + Taxes: 194,48€

Taxes are applying after discount quantity. I didn't find the way to configure this on openerp.

Thank you
====GG 21.12.09 ==
I partially agree.
If VIP customer should get the 5% discount for longer time such discount should be managed by pricelist with visibility option (if we wish to show the discount on quotation).

If such discount is exceptional just for one quotation I agree that wee need new functionality for Salesman to make quotation discount applied to all quotation lines (additionally to lines discounts).

But it is difficult to agree that global discount is calculated on subtotal section only. Maybe it would be done in quotation (to make impression on customer) but customer will not be glad seeing it on invoice. Every buyer wants to see final product prices at each line because there are their cost prices for posting. If you send such invoice to customer he will need to calculate cost prices manually recalculating global discount per each product. Maybe you have in your country possibility to post global discounts to separate account. But I don't have.
====End GG====

====Numérigraphe 2010-01-28
It would also be nice to have several discounts (say 3% fidelity discount + 25% wholesale retailers discount + 2% early order discount).
Applying a global discount is hardly feasible on the subtotal, because each order line may have different taxes.
That makes it hard to compute the tax move lines. What's more, there are cases when discounts have to be written to special accounts.
So what I would rather have is a table of discounts per line (much like the table of taxes), and a table of global discounts (automatically copied onto every line).


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