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OpenERP links sales with projects only one direction... sales to projects. I think it will be also usefull having the posibility of creating a sales order from a project.
On a sales order, normaly only generic project, subproject or even task name is used on each line. I think the link should be done like this:
Create a generic product (services, buy)

Project name --> Sales reference
Project customer --> Sales customer

If project has got subprojects --> each sales order line should be created with generic product. Creating the order line, name should be changed to subproject name at first level. Second level subprojects and task wouldn't be included on sales order. If there is directly a task defined at first level on project it will be included also as a line.

Each line would have quantity corresponding to planned time of included subproject or task

Sales order should be created only from template projects, otherwise when confirming sales order duplicated tasks will be created and it is not necesary, because the template defines perfectly the project. So to solve this part... The working way would be.... having a generic project template for each kind of projects. This generic template could make a generic sales order. User could personalize the sales order for each customer or even modifying the template or creating a new one before creating sales order.
Somehow project template should be referenced on sales order.
After customer accepts it, a new project could be created same way from sales order to project. Instead of creating only tasks, a new project could be created, because the sales order is related to a project template, so the new project will be created just automatically and perfectly defined.
I think the advantages of working this way are very higth. Improvement on defining and making a project offer is really big.

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