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Any accounting system needs a way to manage fixed assets, including depreciation, etc. As it is mentioned at the account_assets module is more a "proof of concept" than a working module. A great work was done already by Grzegorz Grzelak ( which is located at
But there are still quite a few miscalculations, maybe concept errors, and incompatibility with 6.0.

Recently a new account-asset module was launched in the official branch. I will evaluate the opportunity of keeping this blueprint alive, as its declared primary objective (to get a working module in the official branch) was fulfilled.

The branch is here:

Clear specs, localisations etc should be drafted. I opened a wiki page at

Thank you!
Bogdan Stanciu

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========== Grzegorz Grzelak 13.01.2011
Hello Bogdan, I don't see account_fixed_asset module in that branch. Can you show that?
I planned to port account_asset from 5.0 to 6.0 adding few adjustment it for new concept of 6.0.

Some time ago I noted that I should:

1. Add company_id field to objects:

2. Add new filters to views (to review)

3. Fix known problem:
Duplication bug (it needs some designing what should be duplicated in asset).

4. Fix purchase problem:
When you don't calculate (Compute Taxes button) invoice it has Subtotal=0 for calculation of asset method Gross Value and Residual Value.

I didn't do it because I didn't have time. But I still feel I should do it.

Please describe what do you mean by miscalculation or drafting error. Maybe I can explain something.

All the best

===============Bogdan Stanciu 03.02.2011===========================================
Hello Grzegorz,

Thank you for writing back! As I said, you are the "owner" of the project, I just felt it was forgotten, and I think it is important to get it done. Unfortunately I myself have not much time for this right now...

However, one BIG thing is that the I got the calculated depreciation on the dr side of asset account. It should get in cr., so the asset amount is diminished. At least this is what I think :-)

Secondly, you changed the original way (from c2c) of calculation from asset based to method based. I find this less interesting, because either you get calculations mixed together, or you need a method for each product/asset. I think that the original method of linking asset/product and not method was more efficient.

I already did some porting changes, I could put them so you don't do it again :-) Meaning that I got it working under 6.0 with no change in functioning.

I hope soon enough we could do some work on this !

PS I feel we need a kind of blueprint before going too far, so we would know where we're going...
PS2 I retired by mistake the module, I will put it back ASAP

Best regards,
===============GG 7.2.11 ========
Ok I will wait for the module in your branch.

I have added another issue to be fixed (no 4 in my previous entry of whiteboard).

I have checked the calculation and see it is on cr side as required. Maybe someone has changed something. Will wait for your module in branch to check.

Regarding asset method approach: I agree that previous method was more efficient but it didn't cover some needs. One is that in international standards you can have for example one building as asset where walls should be depreciated 50 years and lifts inside 20 years. Current model of the module covers it. You can have one asset with two methods assigned to different asset elements. Even when you depreciate all elements in asset using the same calculation method it could be easier to manipulate multielements assets with methods.

Another purpose of few methods for one asset could be using two methods for different kind of depreciation. The same asset can be depreciated different way for balance and different for fiscal purpose. Current module doesn't cover it fully but it can be developed on methods basis. The purpose was mentioned in bug thread of account_asset.

That is why I chosen this concept as enough flexible. Its probably true that 90% users will use model one asset - one method. If so we should develop some wizards to simplify work.


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