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In my church, the pastor does not provide a list of scriptures ahead of time to the person running the projector/computer. Instead, the church service is dynamic and the person running the projector must try and keep up with the scriptures as they are "coming out of the fire hose" so to speak. Sometimes scriptures are mentioned during the preaching by book/chapter/verse (e.g. "Let's turn in our Bibles to Hebrews 12:1") and sometimes scriptures are mentioned by reference to content (e.g. "the Apostle Paul wrote 'Let us lay aside every weight'").
In the current version of the software (v2.4.6), "Quick" Bible searches must be done by choosing to find either a "Scripture Reference" or a "Text Search" by carefully clicking a tiny little down arrow to bring up the search type menu. The hands must then move from the mouse to the keyboard to type the search string. Assuming the search hit the desired content, one's hands must come off of the keyboard and back to the mouse in order to select to send the found content to the live projection. Moving between the keyboard and the mouse is slow. Switching between "Scripture Reference" and "Text Search" is slow. I covet earnestly a smarter search mechanism; and yet I shew unto you a more excellent way. :-) Behold the new "Smart Search":
In this modified version of the openlp/plugins/bibles/lib/ file, I have added a new "Smart Search" option to the "search type" quick search menu. The "Smart Search" will first try to execute the "Scripture Reference" search. If that search fails to find any content, no error is given and the "Text Search" is automatically executed. In this usage model, it makes no sense to display the verses that result from a "Text Search" together on the same slide (continuous or verse-per-line) so, if the reference search falls through to the text search, the layout style is temporarily forced to verse-per-slide, then returned to what it was previously. Finally, the list_view is set as the focus. This allows the user, after executing a search, to quickly type "shift-enter" and immediately send the found content live. This makes for much smarter and faster scripture look-ups and enables the person running the projector to keep up with even the most wild Pentecostal preacher. :-)

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Hi Chad,
Can you update this to the latest revision of trunk, and create a patch from your changes for us to have a look at please? Its very had to see exactly what you've changed given just the file.


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