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Registered by Christopher Adams on 2011-03-21

Every font profile page and list of fonts should be able to display font samples using the @font-face css property. This requires generating webfont files that are compatible across various platforms. In practice, this means generating .eot, .svg, .woff, and subsetted .ttf files. This should happen whenever a new font file is uploaded.

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One of the best webfont generation suites is

EOTFAST does TTF to EOT conversion: Windows ONLY!

This web font optimizer only generates subset TTF files and claims to be buggy:

Fontue - is a Rack-based, open-source, web font server:

A List Apart has some clues about tools for webfont generation:

* - sfnt2woff packs TTF and OTF CFF fonts into WOFF files.
* - ttf2eot creates uncompressed EOT lite files
* - TTX converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML.
* - Fontue is an open source engine for serving fonts plus font-processing scripts, too.
* - WebFont Loader is a JavaScript library for font loading.

On reliable @font-face syntax and how to support what:

For converting TTF to SVG:

An example of everything packed into an automated service:

Convert OTF to TTF using FontForge:

How To Generate Web Native Fonts

Can the OFLB community cook up something better?


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