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Does somebody have an idea on how to improve reconciliation process on the bank statement.
The current one is very powerfull but there are too much steps, in my sense, to perfor a reconciliation on a statement line:
* F1 in reconciliation to open window
* Add lines in the reconciled moves

This opens 3 window. Any idea to improve this is welcome.

I was thinking in putting a many2many to move lines in the statement line and putting another form for the write-off entries, so 2 fields in the bank statement lines.

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For my point of view the actual form is quit good in terme of design => we really need to improve it for :

- add 2 buttons to automaticly create a statment line from a list of open entries => see bug report for that => Joel is already working on it

- on a bank statement, we somtime have to add specific entries like business card expenses (carte de débit direct) and for these kind of expenses, we need to add the tax (VAT) and the analytic account => we should add 2 columns to choose these 2 things => c2c will not have time to do it => fabien can you do it ?

- the big challenge now is to be sure that this bank statement is really multi-currency compatible => I think that now it is the case.... => consider that clients would be able to choose a receivable account with second currency or that the write-off account has a second currency......

- what about write off !!! => normally the computer should calculate the VAT deduction on it :-) => we should choose for the write-off a tax AND an analytic account which is not the cas now

We have longer discuss about this point on the community days => please show :

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Maybe we should also review the partial reconciliation on bank statements: it's now not really intuitive that all reconciliation that doesn't have an exact balance of 0 is a partial one.

Why not removing the one2many for the write-off from the reconciliation form view, and if the balance is not equal to 0, ask to choose between a partial reconciliation and a write-off?

I know that one more step for a process that is already not simple but it may be more user friendly.

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For reconciliations it might be interesting to look at the new TWIST Bank Services Billing Standard. It is a new multi-currency XML standard targeted to support multi-currency billing and simplify complex billing of accounts for companies (e.g. General Electric and many other large corporates have been pushing for a new standard - since there structures are complicated to sort out and reconcile their billing). Many of the leading large banks have been moving to implement and support this standard. VAT is included where applicable in the standard. Understanding the standard may also help with the community understand how to address the multi-currency statements and functionality.

A few thoughts.

David Mitchell

edited on 9th November 2009 by Raphaël Valyi
"- what about write off !!! => normally the computer should calculate the
 VAT deduction on it :-) => we should choose for the write-off a tax AND
 an analytic account which is not the cas now"
-> we, contributed this patch: now write offs move lines, either from invoice payment or manual lines reconciliations have an optional analytic account and for manual reconciliation you can now specify a precise date, period will be inferred from that date.
This has just been merge on 5-0 addons in commit #2444, id <email address hidden>

Hope this helps,

Raphaël Valyi -


Edited the 18th november by Joel Grand-Guillaume

After merging my branch, including all finance fix around reconciliation and multi-currency and the improvement made by Raphaël Valyi, we only need 2 more things:

- Add the support of analytical account into bank statement, as suggested by Rvalyi. This have already be done, but refused into stable branch => need to ensure this will come for 5.2

- Add the support of VAT on the line AND on the write-off into at least bank statement, but I think we should be consistent and add it also into other reconciliation method (like pay invoice, etc..)

For the second point, I remember some people disagreed this point of view, I'll try to explain here why this is very important...

Imagine you're working in EURO, and need to pay an invoice in USD. If the currency rate has change significantly between the invoice date and the payment date, then you'll have a write-off. Well this is normal, I agree :)
But then, you'll have make your VAT declaration. This will compute values based on the invoice date, not the payment date. Because the write-off was computed at the payment date rating, you're VAT declaration will be ERRONEOUS !!!

This is legally wrong (at least in switzerland). You should be able to provide authority a VAT declaration based on the invoice date, not payment date rating...



***ferdinand 20091118***
pls do not forget to handle the opposite of write off
- payment is higher than invoice - due to roundings or exchange rate.


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