Equipment maintenance and repairs

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account_asset add field serial number, code, used in the department, date of modification and repairs

Forms in dashboard management system with check list, date and repair service.
report like action.

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= Maxime @ Savoir-faire Linux =

1) Use the list of assets as equipments with additional fields :
 * serial number
 * last date of maintenance and repair
 * accessories
 * list of verification.

I have checked the account_asset module and I am not convinced about using it for 2 reasons :
 * it installs the accounting module and I think it would be overkill for a user who needs to manage his maintenance and repair calendar to install the accounting applications.
 * In our list of equipments, none of them is an asset. We have small equipments like voltmeters and oscilloscopes. They are not amortized but they need to be calibrated every year.

I propose to have a new module to create an equipment object with the fields you mention and a relationship with a serial number.

We can make another module to glue the equipment with asset and add a new field to an equipement to link it with an asset. Would that do the job ?

What is an accessory ?

We already have the concept of verification list in the audit application and I am using the audit for equipment inspection. Could that work for you as well ?

2) Add a report in the management system dashboard with a list of equipments to repair or to maintain.

I propose to show the equipments that have been maintained in more than a year by default. User can set a different policy with advanced filter, save it and add it to their dashboard.

3) Provide a way to print the list of equipments to maintain and repair.

Would the tree view do the job here ?

I found the CMMS module which answer most of what we need here. I worked on the module migration in lp:~savoirfairelinux-openerp/+junk/7.0-cmms

= Daniel Reis =

In my use case, we sell technical assistance contracts, and need to track periodic ("preventive") maintenance and repairs. I would avoid having "account" as a dependency, and equipments may be assets (rented to customers) or not (bought/owned by customers).

  * "Equipments" should be an entity, optionally linked to an asset, and to a Product.
  * Equipments are placed in Locations (a "res.partner" address).
  * It's then possible to related Locations with Contracts, and we can have this:
        Contract -> Locations -> Equipments
  * Project Tasks can be work orders, both for corrective and preventive maintenance;
     For this they they can be linked to n Equipments.

In "project_service" there are already features to relate Issues and Tasks with Contract Locations.
Just need to add "Equipment selection".

I agree or reusing the CMMS module. Here is my review and suggestions on it:

* equipment:
  - "line_id" should be optional
  - "local_id" should be in a separate module, auto-installed if "stock" is present
  - add "res.partner" for an optional Location Address (can be used instead or complementary to local_id)
* checklist: can (re)use standard Surveys instead
* interventions (requests!): are Project Issues.
* incidents (work orders!): are "Project Tasks"
* IMO "interventions" and "incidents" names are swapped!
* cm (corrective maintenance): these are diagnosis and repair instructions, right?
* pm (preventive maintenance): plan should generate Project Tasks.
* Split features in smaller modules: equipment, checklist, pm, cm, incidents, equipment_stockloc, interventions, + cmms (App).


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