Blueprint assignments for “5.0”

This listing shows the assignment of work for blueprints currently associated with 5.0. The drafter is responsible for getting the specification correctly written up and approved. The approver is usually the person who would sign off on the specification.

19 of 9 specifications
Priority Name Definition Delivery Assignee Drafter Approver
4 High Contrail helm charts for microservices architecture 5 New 5 Started Rudra Rugge
4 High mellanox-nic-support 5 New 5 Started Jeya ganesh babu J Jeya ganesh babu J
3 Medium Granular Routing Policies 0 Approved 11 Implemented Pramodh D'Souza Nipa Ananth Suryanarayana
3 Medium EVPN type 5 support in contrail vrouter 0 Approved 7 Good progress Manish Singh Manish Singh Ananth Suryanarayana
3 Medium Need timestamp on each UVE API & UVE Stream response 0 Approved 11 Implemented Sundaresan Rajangam Rudra Rugge Rudra Rugge
3 Medium Integrate OpenContrail vRouter with DPDK 17.11 0 Approved 7 Good progress Yi-y-yang Joseph Gasparakis Raja
3 Medium OpenContrail + Ironic integration 5 New 7 Good progress Sukhdev Kapur Sukhdev Kapur Sukhdev Kapur
1 Undefined Containerization of DPDK vRouter 0 Approved 5 Started Kiran Rudra Rugge Rudra Rugge
1 Undefined Break-out of Contrail Container components into their own Microservice 5 New 7 Good progress Michael Henkel Rudra Rugge Rudra Rugge
19 of 9 specifications