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1. Favorte function should store id of the user that like the clipart
2. Users can follow other users accounts
3. OCAL Tweets and facebook post from followed users can go to they accounts if they don't want to follow that user on facebook or twitter and only interesting in clipart of that user.
4. Personalized home page (when users will see clipart for the users that he follow or clipart that he may like) they can see also notifications on main page.
5. Show latest tweets, if user connect to twitter, on detail page.
6. Show latest post from facebook wall on user detail page.
7. Recommend users to follow if facebook friend have ocal account connected to facebook too.
8. if we connect accounts to twitter we can show ocal accounts for twitter accounts that they follow and do the same with facebook
9. Automatic post to facebook and twitter if user upload clipart (in YouTube, I beleive, you can't turn off notifications when user upload new video).

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If user follow someone on OCAL and they both have twitter and/or facebook account we can ask users to follow that user on those social sites.
there can be options:
   * follow this account on: checkboxes: facebook / twitter too (it can show what kind of tweets and post this user post or show facebook/twitter accounts)
   * notify me when user upload new clipart on checkboxes: facebook / twitter (tweets to user accounts will be send to his followers)
   * None of these.

If we have facebook integration we can show clipart that user may like based of things that he likes.

*Great ideas...I'm excited. @pete


We also need to hook up google+ and there are this nice thing, with google search, that it show picture of the user if page contain link to google+ account so every user clipart (if it have g+ account) have show up his image in google search result. @jcubic


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