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Add back Examples page and way to upload examples or links to examples on the web to also show what we doing. These could be pictures of uses of clipart, examples, screenshots, website urls and more...all should require a picture of them, a PNG or JPEG. We could allow SVG for logos and some other examples that fall outside of our normal guidelines but are example usages of the clipart.

Generally, there should be a quick way to get these features/showcase/examples up on the site, think should be a top-level page with ability to quickly add an example of a clipart, with required [image] [title] [description] and then 1 or more urls and 1 or more links to clipart on the site.

Also, each clipart page should have a : Have you used this clipart?

We need to decide if this should be a feature or a showcase or a show or an example.

The main concept is that one might find a use of a clipart or someone might use a clipart and this is a quick way to show off the use of the clipart and get some love for the artists creating clipart and also allow us to track how people are using them.

If we look

Example sites use showcase:

Creative Comons uses case studies:

Also, if you look at the comments peopl are making on cliparts, we find that many of them are actually links to examples of the clipart being used:

We could also offer a quick link next to a comment something like, "Have you used this clipart?" which can open a quick form (ideally on that page) allowing for entry of the usage.

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Brad's collection page is really ideal: 3 X 3 grid of showcases with paging. Also, great to have a feed of these and also, have the quick disclaimer that these showcases we are permitted to use for promoting our project and the artists to promote their artwork. Also, would be great to have the form up top on the page for adding a showcase.

Is showcase, feature or example the right language for this? As-seen-on-the-web? We need some clear word to describe this but something that fits in with our library metaphors is also really really great.

You can imagine how we can put logos over here on this section of the site and some types of raster/bitmap remixes including our clipart.


Agreed on the 3 x 3 format. I really like that style on the newer pages. As far as url goes, I think that /showcase seems to be the consensus of a word that isn't too generic, but remains functional. So, when a user is logged in, they see an upload form displaying at the top of the page (or maybe ajax in a form on button press) and users not logged in will see only the example grid.

What info is contained in each example (in turn, what info to provide in the upload form)? Definitely a linkback to the site or subject being referenced, but what else? Date of reference, referenced by, clip art in use?

I'm most concerned with the functionality of this page, but this is primarily contained in another blueprint. -bradphillips7april11


Lets design it to be 1 or more bitmaps or a SVG, but constrained to a box, then a date (do we have a calendar selector), and 1 or more links to the usage. I also want to be able to post up press hits (items the press and others simply write about the project), so we need to support simple posting of just a link, description/summary, date of the press hit, author, and press hit title. Great to design the bitmap, svg or presshit/link all with the same type...sooo, images would be possible.

And, then need to be able to link to clipart that is used on the site. The simplest way to do that right now would be to do a search and select the clipart.

I would think of the submission process as a wizard, step 1, 2, and 3.

For display, right, 3 x 3 grid is nice. The design the /showcase/WHATEVER_IT_IS would have to be thought of first.

Doing the html and CSS for what this should look like first would be preferable.

Yet again, get those ADS up first, and if nothing fabricatorz pressing, then get this going! Do it!!!! Week is dying!!!!

- Jon



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