QA Process for Open Input Framework

Registered by Duncan McGreggor

We need to be sure that we can provide the OIF stack as a quality offering in Ubuntu. This involves the following:
 * integrating tightly with the standard Ubuntu QA processes
 * working on some additional ones as well, following the lead of the DX team in advances that they have made
 * following best practices in test-driven development
 * adhering to a peer-review system


Some content in this blueprint has been removed upon request.

Bug #622809: Move team to TDD - IN PROGRESS
Bug #622814: Move team to peer-review process - DONE
Bug #622906: Setup monthly, weekly, and daily build PPAs - DONE
Bug #622921: Set up - DONE
Bug #622922: Add checkbox tests for multi-touch capabilities - IN PROGRESS
Bug #622929: Integrate use cases as acceptance tests in QA process - DEFERRED
Bug #623092: Get UEC Server for Hudson instance(s) - DEFERRED
Bug #731678: Create Python ctypes wrapper for evemu - IN PROGRESS
Bug #731375: Create a Python library for use in evemu scripts that can also be used easily with apport and Checkbox - BLOCKED
Bug #622790: Create a script/program for extracting gesture data - BLOCKED
Bug #646719: Create a checkbox plugin to easily automate gesture tests - BLOCKED
Bug #731444: Create an apport symptom for gathering gesture information from a user - BLOCKED


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