agent option to allow a user to reboot the pc now or later (countdown)

Registered by Nachtfalke on 2012-08-08

Microsoft SCCM offers a feature that tells the user that after an update or software installation a reboot is needed. You can configure a countown when this reboot will be startet - or the user can start the reboot itself until the counter finishes.

So it would be nice to have such a feature in OCS, too.
For example if you install an Anti-Virus software which needs a restart after installation. You will probably suppress the reboot with the script which runs the installation and the tell the user with a text message or popup to reboot the machine. Most users will not do that while they are working or if they are not in office or it is weekend. And forcing a reboot will not make the people happy when they didn't save their work ;-)

So I would suggest a custom return code - so if you know an application which needs a reboot you have to chose an exit code like "9999" to end your script. If OCS agent recognizes this error code it will popup a window to the user and display a message. Then there should be the same buttons like on the "warning message windows" before an installation with "Restart now" and "restart later" and the countown.

Best thing would be if these options can be selected when building the package.
You can enable/disable if the agent should use a custom error code and on which code.
You can enter the countdown in seconds

Or if it is to difficult to implement the custom result code then the option should be implemented when building the package. Anf if you enable "reboot after installation" then the window should popup and allow the user to reboot immediately or later - no matter if the application really needed a reboot or not. This is then the decision of the admin.

The result code "0" as success should be sent when the shutdown popup gets displayed - independent from the users decision.

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I would like to add something to this post which goes a little bit into direction "bug".

I f I deploy a package which needs an reboot then I have to suppress the reboot after the /deploymentinstallation so that:
a) the OCS agent can send back the result code so that this package does not get any error message because the PC is shutting down
b) the user should have the possibility to save his work before the computer is shutting down.

So when I do a delayed shutdown with "shutdown /r -t 180" to gibe the user the possibility to save the work within these 3 minutes the next deployment will start because the agent goes on with the next package in the queue.

So I would suggest if the script returns a specified return code that the agent stops all further deployments and displays a message window that the computer will be rebooted in xyz minutes. The user must be able to reboot the computer immediatly or to minimize this window to systray and go on working.

The shutdown message and the delay time can be globally configured on the server.


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