Virtuozzo instance resize support

Registered by Maxim Nestratov

Resize feature isn't supported for now in Virtuozzo OpenStack (former Parallels Cloud Server or PCS) instances. This change is about filling this gap.

The main difference between disks based on qcow and ploop images is that ploop ones are actually directories containing disk descriptor xml file. As the support of PCS is made as a subdriver in libvirt the blueprint proposes to use prl_disk_tool in "extend" api function instead of qemu-img and to change "cp" and "rsync" execution by adding "-r" parameter to take into account directory nature of parallels disks.

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John Garbutt
Maxim Nestratov
Mikhail Feoktistov
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Accepted for newton
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milestone icon newton-2
Started by
Maxim Nestratov
Completed by
Matt Riedemann

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We decided to approve the blueprint in the recent nova-meeting, but with a note that if the code seems like it needs more design work, we may revert this and force a spec review --johnthetubaguy 11 June 2015

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    libvirt: resize ploop disks with prl_disk_tool

Sorry, we have now hit the non-priority feature freeze for Liberty. You will need to resubmit this blueprint for Mitaka or apply for an exception. For more details on why this is happening, and the rest of the process details, please see:
--johnthetubaugy 3rd July 2015

I'm in favor of re-approving this for mitaka w/o a spec, it was approved in liberty and the code was up and I think they had CI running on it, it just came kind of late with the CI so missed the feature freeze. -- mriedem 20151014

Re-approved for mitaka --johnthetubaguy 20151019

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    Virtuozzo instance resize support

Sorry, we have now hit the Non-Priority Feature Freeze for Mitaka. For more details please see: and
--johnthetubaguy 2016.01.31

Re-approved without a spec (this is feature parity in the virt driver) for Newton. Just make sure your compute CI is testing this. -- mriedem 20160429

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    libvirt: fix disk size calculation for VZ container instances

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    add ploop support into qemu-img info


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