User Locales for API Messages

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I18N/l10n support for API Messages based on the client locale

Current Nova API messages are fixed to the locale of Host OS. However, clients from various countries will use the API, so API messages should be changed based on the locale of the client request. User locale can be determined from the Accept-Language header per request, or retrieved from the user or tenant records in Keystone, using the authentication context for the request.

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A related blueprint in oslo-incubator will hold the general Messaging functionality for porting to other projects.

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The current implementation under review uses WebOb's Accept-Language functionality for parsing and determining the response to send back any translatable error messages from the APIs. WeBob parses the Accept-Language header according to BCP47 ( and we determine which language to use based on the best match from a list of languages available on the system where the APIs are running. The list of available languages is determined by getting a full list of locales from Babel and then iterating through them using Gettext to attempt to find the matching locale files on the system. The 'en_US' language is always available, since the inline untranslated messages are assumed to be 'en_US'.

Essentially what this comes down to is: if we have a corresponding .MO file (compiled gettext message format) for that language, we use that in our list of available languages that is sent to WeBob to make a best match determination based on the Accept-Language string. If there is no match or we do not detect any .MO files, it will always default to 'en_US', since that is our always available language. Only error messages from the API are translated, since normally responses coming from the API are data responses.

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    Sync gettextutils from oslo-incubator

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Unfortunately, this was disabled late in the havana cycle. See


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Work items:
Pull in oslo-incubator delayed translation functionality: DONE
Add support to use Accept-Language languages for translate-able responses: INPROGRESS

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