Use service catalog to get endpoint URLs

Registered by Pushkar Umaranikar on 2017-04-08

This blueprint has been superseded. See the newer blueprint "Use keystoneauth1 Adapter for endpoints (partial)" for updated plans.

Nova uses API endpoints to establish communication with other services like
Cinder, Glance and Neutron. These endpoints are currently part of nova
configuration file. Ideally, rather than hardcoding these URL's values in
configuration file, use the service catalog to provide discoverability
for those.

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Matt Riedemann
Pushkar Umaranikar
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Eric Fried
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Started by
Matt Riedemann on 2017-04-19
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Eric Fried on 2017-09-01

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Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/use-service-catalog-for-endpoints,n,z

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    Use service catalog to get endpoint URLs

We should probably track the glance changes that raj_singh was already doing under this blueprint:

But this is approved for Pike now. -- mriedem 20170417

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    Fix old terminology

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    Implement use-service-catalog-for-endpoints differently

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    WIP/PoC: nova.utils.get_service_url(group)

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/has,n,z

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    Updates for [glance]api_servers and ksa

This is dependent on a keystoneauth release and the final release for non-client libraries is the week of July 17 so things are getting very tight here. -- mriedem 20170713

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    Add requirement for os-service-types

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    Centralize keystoneauth1 Adapter conf option setup

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    WIP: Use service catalog (and discovery) for cinder endpoints

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    DNM: Refactor get_endpoint_data to accept service_type

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    WIP Use auth from context for glance api servers

There are still open changes for this and we're past the feature freeze for Pike, so I'm going to defer this to Queens. Please submit the spec for Queens in the nova-specs repo and make sure to update it in case anything in the design has changed. -- mriedem 20170803

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/use-service-catalog-for-blueprints,n,z

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    Use ksa adapter for placement conf & requests

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/use-ksa-adapter-for-endpoints,n,z

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    Spec: Use keystoneauth1 Adapter for endpoints


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