Passthrough of SR-IOV physical functions (partial)

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Nova has supported passthrough of PCI devices with it's libvirt driver for a
few releases already, during which time the code has seen some stabilization
and a few minor feature additions.

In the case of SR-IOV enabled cards, it is possible to treat the card either as
a number of virtual devices (called VFs - virtual functions) or as a full
device (PF - physical function).

Nova's current handling exposes only virtual functions as resources that can
be requested by instances - and this is the most common use case by far.
However with the rise of the requirements to virtualize network applications,
it can be necessary to give instances full control over hardware and not just a
single virtual function.

OpenStack is seen as one of the central bits of technology for the NFV
use-cases, and a lot of the work has already gone into making OpenStack and
Nova NFV enabled, so we want to make sure that we close these small remaining

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John Garbutt
Nikola Đipanov
Nikola Đipanov
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John Garbutt
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John Garbutt

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    spec document for sriov-physical-function-passthrough blueprint

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    tests: Allow for code block lines to be longer

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    db: adding columns to PciDevice table

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    db: querry to retrieve all pci device by parent address

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    objects: adding a parent_addr field to the PciDevice object

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    pci: filter out any unavailable SRIOV Physical Functions

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    pci: adding support to specify a dev_type in pci requests

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    pci: changing the claiming and allocation logic for PF/VF assignment

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    Make pci_alias parsing logic not assume device_type is set

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    pci: adding support to specify a device_type in pci requests

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    Add caching of service_min_versions in the conductor

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    objects: update the old location parent_addr only if it has value

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    pci: use context when performing oprations of pci devices


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