Resource providers: Move scheduler filters to DB

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We propose to move the Python filtering for quantitative resource decisions to be SQL constructs to reduce the number of compute node records processed for each call to select_destinations().

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Matt Riedemann
Jay Pipes
Sylvain Bauza
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Accepted for ocata
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milestone icon ocata-3
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Sylvain Bauza
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Matt Riedemann

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Per discussion at the Newton summit, this can't land in Newton since the allocations dependency that moves the data into the DB that this will use will be new to deployments moving to Newton and will perform the online data migrations in Newton. So the scheduler DB filters can't be a default in Newton since that data might not have been migrated yet. This could be enabled by default in Ocata when we land a schema migration that breaks if you haven't migrated the compute node data yet. -- mriedem 20160427

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    resource-providers: Scheduler filters in DB

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    Add nova-status upgrade check command framework

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    WIP: nova-status: add basic placement status checking

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    nova-status: check for cells v2 upgrade readiness

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    WIP: nova-status: check for resource providers

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    WIP: Scheduler calling the Placement API

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    Add ComputeNode.get_by_uuid method

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    WIP: Add a PlacementFixture for functests

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    Provide a microversion header for the report client

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    Amend the PlacementFixture

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    Fix the FakeDriver using same hypervisor names

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    Fix server group functional test by using all filters

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    Block starting compute unless placement conf is provided

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    doc: add upgrade notes to the placement devref

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