Pass down the instance name to Ironic driver

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In order to access the display_name from the Ironic driver, it must be passed to it by Nova.
A new driver for Ironic is been developed, it'll be responsible to boot hardwares using the HP OneView Software. In the boot process the driver should get the name of the instance to create a resource on OneView, so it'll be easy for the user to link a Nova instance with an OneView resource.
The display_name was select against the instance_name because the instance name doesn't keep the camel case of the instance name.

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John Garbutt
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Andre Aranha
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    Pass Down the Instance Name to Ironic Driver

Please note, this blueprint still needs to be approved for liberty, even if it doesn’t need a spec. That is done by adding it into the weekly meeting agenda to the list of spec-less blueprint that need approving. --johnthetubaguy 22nd June 2015

Q: How is this different from blueprint passthrough-namespace and the spec here? ? -- mriedem 20150712

A: The passthrough-namespace is about having flavor extra_specs being passed through to Ironic. It was intended for pre-boot configuration purposes. This one is about sending the instance display name, so Ironic drivers can use it to improve their UX. -- gabriel-bezerra 20150713

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--johnthetubaguy 15th July 201

This did have a spec here, but was missing the blueprint tag:

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    Pass Down the Instance Name to Ironic Driver


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