OpenStack API 1.1

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The OpenStack API version 1.1 will support a few new features as well as bring parity between the OpenStack Compute API and Rackspace Cloud Servers API. New features in the OpenStack API 1.1 include IPv6 support, migration to the OpenStack namespace, and support for API extensions. IPv6 support is a requirement for large scale deployments of openstack. Migration to the OpenStack namespace is a requirement of the OpenStack project so that the primary API is not branded with Rackspace. API Extensions will allow developers to innovate more quickly than the core API is updated by providing a method for developers to add extensions to their local installation ahead of the code being accepted by the OpenStack community as a whole. This should stimulate additional features for the core of OpenStack as extensions can be promoted into the core API after their initial implementation as an extension.


Disruptiveness notes:
This blueprint depends on a few other blueprints before it can be complete, and some of the implementation will flush out issues in other areas of OpenStack Nova, most of which the team hopes to resolve themselves. Changes to the API should not disrupt other parts of OpenStack after merging.

The team will be expanding and strengthening the tests around the entire API thus contributing to the testing and stabilization goals of cactus.


Work Items

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