Adding support for open contrail vif plugin in nova

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This patch adds support for the open contrail vif plugin in nova. Initially it will be used for the open contrail dpdk vif plugin.
Contrail vrouter can be used as a userspace DPDK based virtual routing/switching application.
This uses the QEMU’s vhostuser interface type. This requires adding a new Vhostuser
model similar to ovs or fp plugin and changes in the _nova_to_osvif_vif_vhostuser()
to handle the vhostuser_vrouter model and invoke the os-vif-vrouter plugin.
This patch ensures that the libvirt designer creates a socket based interface in the VMs
interface definition rather than a tap interface.
This socket connects the VM interface to the OpenContrail vrouter dpdk driver.

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Matt Riedemann
Michael Henkel
Michael Henkel
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Matt Riedemann
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Matt Riedemann

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Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/opencontrail-dpdk-support,n,z

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    Implements: blueprint opencontrail-dpdk-support

Is there documentation for the plugin anywhere? The README for is extremely sparse, so how does anyone know how to set this up and configure the system to use it? Which minimum software dependencies are required for OpenContrail to use the plugin? This is open source so while I understand you're going to bake this into a packaged product where it's all pre-configured, there should be at least some minimal upstream documentation for people to use this outside of your product. -- mriedem 20170601

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/opencontrail-nova-vif-plugin,n,z

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    contrail: add vrouter VIF plugin type support

Approved as a specless blueprint. The README for should be updated to provide more information on how to use this with Nova, but I won't block on it. -- mriedem 20170607


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