Nova Pagination Sorting Enhancements

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Currently, the pagination support for Nova does not allow the caller to specify the sort order and direction of the data set. This blueprint enhances the pagination support for the /servers and /servers/detail APIs so that multiple sort keys and sort directions can be supplied on the request.

The database layer already supports multiple sort keys and directions. This blueprint will update the API layer to retrieve the sort information from the API request and pass that information down to the database layer.

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John Garbutt
Steven Kaufer
Steven Kaufer
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Accepted for kilo
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milestone icon 2015.1.0
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John Garbutt
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John Garbutt

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Removed from next, as next is now reserved for near misses from the last milestone --johnthetubaguy

The scope of this blueprint has changed since I pushed my prototype. Please ignore code changes related to offset support and a new count API -- I will be addressing these separately and they can be considered outside the scope of this blueprint.
--kauferGerrit topic:,topic:bp/nova-pagination,n,z

If you are still working on this, please re-submit via nova-specs. If not, please mark as obsolete, and add a quick comment to describe why. --johnthetubaguy (20th April 2014)

I am proposing this for Juno and will push the details into nova-specs once that process is ready. In the mean time, I've updated the wiki with the information from the template. --kaufer

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/enhances,n,z

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    Nova Pagination Sorting Enhancements

Given code just needs restoring, and nova-spec just merged, went forward and approved this for Juno-1 --johnthetubaguy (28th April 2014)

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    Nova pagination enhancements

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Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/nova-pagination,n,z

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    Nova GET servers API sorting enhancements

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    Nova GET servers API sorting enhancements DB updates

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    Nova GET servers API sorting enhancements API updates

Sorry, this has not got enough positive reviews to make it in time for juno-1, moving to juno-2 --johnthetubaguy 10th June 2014

Reviews do not have +2s and are not close to approval, so moving to juno-3. But please move this back to juno-2, should you get your patches approved in time. --johnthetubaguy 21st July 2014

Seems very close, keeping in juno for now --johnthetubaguy 2nd September 2014

Sorry, this has not yet been approved, so this will have to wait until kilo. Please contact me on IRC, or via email, for more details. Thank you. --johnthetubaguy 3rd September 2014

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    Nova Pagination Sorting Enhancements

Seems like all the patches have merged now, marking as implemented. --johnthetubaguy 17th December 2014


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