Support JSON-Home for API extension discovery

Registered by Ken'ichi Ohmichi

Now Nova API provides the supported API extensions via "list extensions" API, but the way is Nova-specific and that is not a standard way.
From the point of view of whole OpenStack projects, the ways are not consistent and application programers should write an application for handling these extensions by different ways.
Now there is JSON-Home as one of standard ways and Keystone has already implemented this feature on Keystone REST API.
This blueprint proposes JSON-Home implementation for Nova REST API.

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John Garbutt
Ken'ichi Ohmichi
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Ken'ichi Ohmichi
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John Garbutt
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Ken'ichi Ohmichi

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    Add JSON-Home support for API path discovery

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    WIP: Add JSON-Home to v2.1 API

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    Adds "approved" list of Liberty specs

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    Add JSON-Home document methods

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    Add register method for JSON-Home data- index/create

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    Support for registering JSON-Home data- show/delete/update

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    Add template_parameter_relation JSON-Home methods

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    Add resource_template_with_parent JSON-Home methods

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    Register JSON-Home data for resources with parent

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    Register JSON-Home data for resources with inherits

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    Register JSON-Home data for resources actions

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    Add Support for json-home content_type in wsgi

Addressed by:
    Register JSON-Home data for v2.1 resources

This looks very unlikely to merge for liberty, lets bring this back for mitaka once we have the doc plan sorted. --johnthetubaguy 28th August 2015

We(api-wg) have defined Swagger as the standard way instead of JSON-Home.
So it is great to abandon this spec now. -- oomichi 18th March, 2016


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