Support FICON-attached ECKD volumes on System z

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FICON (Fibre Connection) is a Fibre-Channel FC-4 layer protocol. It is used on mainframes to attach ECKD volumes via Fibre-Channel. While FICON shares a common transport protocol with FCP, there are several differences. ECKD volumes are addressed by a Control Unit and Unit Address, rather than a LUN. Besides, different commands are required in order to attach an ECKD volume to a hypervisor.
Main changes are required to os-brick. The blueprint for os-brick / Cinder can be found here:
Nova needs to add a new LibvirtFibreChannelECKDVolumeDriver in and a new file, named connect_volume and disconnect volume in this file will call os-brick

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Per the 2016/04/07 nova meeting, this is conditionally approved on the dependent Cinder blueprint changes getting into os-brick for the new connector type. Otherwise this is just a trivial libvirt volume driver wrapper added to Nova to use the new os-brick connector which we've approved as specless blueprints in the past. -- mriedem

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    WIP: Support FICON-attached ECKD volumes on System z

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This still has outstanding changes and we're now at non-priority blueprint feature freeze for Newton. -- mriedem 20160630

This feature did not make Newton. We are now working on this for Ocata again. I released a new spec for cinder/os-brick. I am assuming we don't need a spec for the Nova changes (according to above decision). Please remove the 'Blocked' state, if possible. Thanks - StefaAmann 20161017

Re-approved for Pike but I'm leaving this as Blocked since the nova change is abandoned, the os-brick change is abandoned, and the cinder change needs to be cleaned up since it hasn't been touched in several months. -- mriedem 20170407

I'm removing this from Pike since the dependent os-brick change is still abandoned. -- mriedem 20170608


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