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The libvirt virt driver supports setting the device model for the video device used to back the guest display via the image metadata

since this feature was introduced new models ( gop, none) have been added to libvirt.

This specless blueprint simply tracks adding the missing values and the required version checks.

video model definitions
gop: The uefi graphic output protocol device model
virtio: A virtual gpu implementing the gallium gpu spec leveraging the virgl renderer to
          enable opengl rendering. note this gpu model can leverage hardware acceleration
           if the host has a gpu. see for more info.
none: The ``none`` video model can be used to disable emulated video devices. this is
          useful when using pGPU or vGPU pass through or can also be used when a
         graphic terminal is not desired for the guest.

note: while virtio was previously available and enabled by default for AArch64 systems
this blueprint allows it to be used on other architectures.

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Eric Fried
sean mooney
sean mooney
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sean mooney

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Note to future readers i have a related blueprint
which will intoduce the ablity to schdule based on device model support
via placement. The spec for that feature is avilable here for review. As a result this specless blueprint in not intended to change schduling in any way and mearly tracks the extention of the libvirt dirver support
and updating the glance metadefs.

note i miss read the code comment virtio is already supported
mearly made it default on AArch64 it did not restrit it to aarch64.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/libvirt-video-device-models,n,z

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    extend libvirt video model support

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Per the 2019-04-18 nova meeting [1] this is probably OK as a specless blueprint, but efried was going to follow up with kashyap to make sure kashyap was on board with this, but I suspect it will get approved for Train. -- mriedem 20190424

efried 20190425 - kashyap reviewed, sean updated, everyone's happy, approving.


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    extend libvirt video model support

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    [FUP] fix backleveling unit test for video models


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