Libvirt - Start LXC from a block device volume

Registered by Vladik Romanovsky

Currently, lxc containers can only be started from an image.

The purpose of this blueprint is to enable the lxc containers
to be started from a block device volumes.

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John Garbutt
Vladik Romanovsky
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Vladik Romanovsky
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Accepted for trunk
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John Garbutt

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Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/libvirt-start-lxc-from-block-devices,n,z

Addressed by:
    libvirt: start lxc from block device

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/libvirt-start-lxc-from-block-devices,n,z

Addressed by:
    libvirt: start lxc from block device

If you are still working on this, please re-submit via nova-specs. If not, please mark as obsolete, and add a quick comment to describe why. --johnthetubaguy (20th April 2014)

Addressed by:
    libvirt: start LXC from a block device volume

Addressed by:
    replace NovaException with VirtualInterfaceCreate when neutron fails

Approved blueprint, now spec is approved. --johnthetubaguy (24th June 2014).

Addressed by:
    Method to filter only non root block device mappings

Addressed by:
    libvirt: persist lxc attached volumes across reboots and power down

Addressed by:
    libvirt: removing lxc specific disk mapping

Addressed by:
    libvirt: keeping lxc rootfs mounted until instance termination

Addressed by:
    libvirt: do not fail instance destroy, when volume is missing a mount_device

Not all the reviews have +2s and are not all are close to approval, so moving to juno-3. But please move this back to juno-2, should you get your patches approved in time. --johnthetubaguy 21st July 2014

Has a +2, so leaving in juno for now. --johnthetubaguy 2nd September 2014

Sorry, this has not yet been approved, so this will have to wait until kilo. Please contact me on IRC, or via email, for more details. Thank you. --johnthetubaguy 3rd September 2014

FFE granted --johnthetubaguy 5th September 2014

Sorry, FFE has now expired, this needs to have a spec merged in kilo, before getting merged. Please contact me for more details. --johnthetubaguy 16th September 2014

Addressed by:
    libvirt: virtio-net multiqueue


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