libvirt: Add Support for live migration with neutron sriov vnic types

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This blueprint aims to address a parity gap between instance booted with vnic type normal and an sriov vnic type
by adding support for sriov live migration.

live migration with sriov devices has some limitations.
when the neutron vnic type is macvtap live migration is supported
by qemu nativly as the macvtap layer hids the hardware from the guest
meaning no hardware state has to be migrated.

when using a direct mode (or direct physical) vnic type
the vf is directly attached to the guest. in this mode it is
not possible for qemu to copy the device state.
to address this gap this blueprint suggests using the
the same mechanisium we used to suspend to disk.

on live migration all sriov port in direct mode will be detached
from the guest and reattached on the destination node.
if this is combined with a bond in the guest between the
direct mode port and a macvtap port connectivity will not be lost
but the performace will be reduced to that of macvtap sriov for the duration.

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Jay Pipes
sean mooney
sean mooney
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Accepted for train
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melanie witt
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sean mooney

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    Add spec for sriov live migration

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    propagate vnic_type and profile on create port bindings

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    [DNM] stub out sriov live migration

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    add get_pci_requests_from_vifs to

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    Add free for claimed, allocated devices

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    Add get_instance_pci_request_from_vif

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    SR-IOV Live migration indirect port support

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    [WIP] libvirt: auto detach/attach sriov ports on migration

Spec has merged, approved for Stein. -- melwitt 20190110

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    Libvirt: do not set mac when unplugging macvtap vf

This did not complete in the Stein release so I am deferring to the Train release. Remember to re-propose the spec for Train as necessary: -- mriedem 20190311

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    forward port sriov live migration spec to train

efried 20190326: reapproving for train

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Gerrit topic:

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    SR-IOV Live migration indirect port support

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    libvirt: auto detach/attach sriov ports on migration

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    Cleanup reno live-migration-with-PCI-device


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