Moving various reads to slave db handle (partial?)

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This is a blueprint for slaveification tasks for the Juno development cycle. Icehouse focused on getting more periodic tasks slaveified, we will continue down that path where we are able. This blueprint should also cover other appropriate areas where reading from a slave is appropriate. See the specification wiki link for more info on how we decide what goes to slaves and what doesn't.

NOTE: This blueprint should encompass all "slaveification" work except any slaveification that has potential to affect the API. If there is any work to be done on that in the Juno cycle it will be addressed in a seperate blueprint.

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John Garbutt
Michael H Wilson
Michael H Wilson
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Accepted for juno
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2014.2
Started by
Michael H Wilson
Completed by
John Garbutt

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Removed from next, as next is now reserved for near misses from the last milestone --johnthetubaguyRemoved from next, as next is now reserved for near misses from the last milestone --johnthetubaguy

If you are still working on this, please re-submit via nova-specs. If not, please mark as obsolete, and add a quick comment to describe why. --johnthetubaguy (20th April 2014)

Gerrit topic:,topic:juno-slaveification,n,z

Addressed by:
    Send more reads from periodic tasks to slave

Updated URL to point to spec, and added into Juno. Need to see code up for review, and a milestone picked before we can approve this blueprint --johnthetubaguy (30th May 2014)

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/juno-slaveification,n,z

Addressed by:
    Allow four periodic tasks to hit slave

Addressed by:
    WIP: Initial work with bw_usage_object

Addressed by:
    Allow periodic task to hit slave

Not all the reviews have +2s and are not all are close to approval, so moving to juno-3. But please move this back to juno-2, should you get your patches approved in time. --johnthetubaguy 21st July 2014

Addressed by:
    Move decorator serialize_args to nova.objects.base

Addressed by:
    Let update_available_resource hit slave

Some patches in the gate, leaving in juno for now. --johnthetubaguy 2nd September 2014

Marking as complete, but defering remaining patch, as not got FFE yet. --johnthetubaguy 5th September

Moving back to "needs code review" because the final patch is now granted a FFE. --mikalstill, 7th September


Work Items

Work items:
update_available_resource: DONE
_instance_usage_audit: DONE
_poll_bandwidth_usage: DONE
_poll_volume_usage: DONE

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