Granular Resource Request Syntax

Registered by Eric Fried on 2017-10-06

As generic and Nested Resource Providers begin to crystallize and be exercised, it becomes necessary to be able to express:

Requirement 1: Requesting an allocation of a particular resource class with a particular set of traits, and requesting a different allocation of the same resource class with a different set of traits.
Requirement 2: Ensuring that requests of certain resources are allocated from the same resource provider.
Requirement 3: The ability to spread allocations of effectively-identical resources across multiple resource providers in situations of high saturation.

This specification attempts to address these requirements by way of a numbered syntax on resource and trait keys in flavor extra_specs and the GET /allocation_candidates Placement API.

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Matt Riedemann
Eric Fried
Eric Fried
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Matt Riedemann on 2017-11-20
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Eric Fried on 2018-05-30

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    Granular Resource Request Syntax

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    WIP: Parse numbered & unnumbered resources & traits

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    WIP: Numbered groupings to GET /allocation_candidates

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    Process granular resources/traits in extra_specs

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    Granularize resources_from_{flavor|request_spec}

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    RequestGroup class for placement & consumers

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    WIP: placement: Granular GET /allocation_candidates

A lot of code working toward this blueprint merged in Queens, but today is feature freeze and there are outstanding changes dependent on a long tail of nested resource providers changes, so this is functionally not done from an end user perspective, therefore we'll defer it to Rocky and pick it up again then. -- mriedem 20180125

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    Granular Resource Request Syntax (Rocky)

Changed spec link to the rocky review ^
efried 20180202

Re-approved for Rocky. -- mriedem 20180212

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    Support forced separation of providers in granular

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    Granular: group_policy={none|isolate}

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    placement: Object changes for granular

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    Get anchors for sharing providers

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    Use query_parameters in granular gabbit

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    __str__ methods for RequestGroup, ResourceRequest

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    Update nova-status & docs: require placement 1.25

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