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HuaweiUVP is a Huawei unitive virtualization platform based on open source hypervisor. HuaweiUVP provides virtualization service with high performance and high availability, support for the mainstream hardware and GuestOS.

HuaweiUVP provides the following virtualization enhanced features:
1, GPU Sharing
GPU sharing means a physical GPU can be shared by multiple virtual machines and provide graphics acceleration service to multiple virtual machines simultaneously through graphics server virtual machine.

2, UVPTools Upgrade
UVP provides UVPTools in GuestOS for batch upgrade in silence, which means virtual machines on one node batch upgrade, and the whole upgrade process is without user operation, to achieve reinforcement of UVPTools in Guest OS.

3, Intelligent Memory Overcommitment
Intelligent memory overcommitment is a kind of memory allocation strategy used in virtualization platform, it can help users to run more virtual machines than the physical memory capacity in order to save cost. Compared with the traditional underlying kernel memory management, intelligent memory overcommitment can dynamically allocate memory and overcommit it. Without intelligent memory overcommitment, users can only modify virtual machine’s memory by calling memory adjustment API to get memory overcommitment. With intelligent memory overcommitment, users don’t have to focus on how to adjust the amount of memory for each virtual machine to increase the density of virtual machines on a physical machine, and intelligent memory overcommitment controls the amount of memory overcommitted to guarantee to increase density of virtual machines with minimal performance degradation.

4, Virtual Machine Information Inquiry
Administrators can customize the types of inquired information inside a virtual machine, include virtual machine CPU utilization, memory utilization, network card throughput and so on.

5, Heterogeneous Live Migration
Heterogeneous live migration is a kind of technology that supports live migration between different CPU nodes of the same manufacturer, which resolves the compatibility problem of live migration on heterogeneous CPU.

6, Remote Mode
When users install the operating system or software for virtual machine by replacing the disc in virtual CD-ROM, if the installation disc is ISO file in users’ management PC, then users can change the disc by not only share mode but also remote mode, if the installation disc is in the CD-ROM (DVD /CD ROM) of users’ management PC, then users can only change the disc by remote mode.

7, Adjust Virtual Machine Boot Sequence
Users can set up a virtual machine to boot from CD-ROM, hard disk or network by adjusting the boot sequence to improve the ability of users to choose the system boot items.

8, Black Box
Black box is mainly used to collect and store the information of system before the physical machine with UVP abnormal exit, so that we can analyze the reason of system abnormal exit by the information collected.

9, Health Check
UVP health check tool is used to check if the main processes of UVP are normal, whether the data and configuration files are missing, if there is abnormal warning information and so on. Technical support engineers and maintenance engineers can use the tool to reduce the difficulty of daily checks to ensure product maintainability.

10, Critical Process Monitoring
When critical processes exit abnormally or are stone dead, critical process monitoring can report error and try to recover. This feature is embodied as a service.

11, CPU Usage with High Precision
We can improve the accuracy of CPU usage statistics by increasing sample rate. The implementation includes a kernel module and a user-mode program. The user-mode program can specify CPU core number, do statistic about CPU usage of designated core, you can also specify a process ID and check CPU usage of the specified process.

12, UVPHostd
UVPHostd can provide communication channels between service processes in HostOS and client processes in GuestOS.

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