Detach and attach boot volumes

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At present boot volumes cannot be detached (or attached) after an instance has been created. This blueprint allows boot volumes to be detached or attached when a VM is shutdown. A VM that has had its boot volume detatched will not be bootable.

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Matt Riedemann
Paul Murray
Zhenyu Zheng
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    Detach and attach boot volumes

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    Adding device_present field to bdm table

Sorry, we have now hit the Non-Priority Feature Freeze for Mitaka. For more details please see: and
--johnthetubaguy 2016.01.30

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    Detach and attach boot volumes

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    WIP: Attach/detach root volume for shelved_offloaded

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    Enabling detach root volume for shelved_offloaded

There are still pending changes for this and we're now past non-priority blueprint feature freeze for Newton. -- mriedem 20160701

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    Detach and attach boot volumes

We're now past the feature freeze for Ocata, so this will have to be re-proposed for Pike. -- mriedem 20170128

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    Detach and attach boot volumes - Stein

This blueprint is approved for Stein. -- mriedem 20181023

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    WIP: Support attach/detach instance root volume

efried 20190407 setting series goal to train.

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    Add method to allow fetch root_volume BDM by instance_uuid

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    Bump compute service to indicate attach/detach root volume is supported

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    Detach/Attach root volume API changes

We are two days away from Stein feature freeze and this still needs work and integration testing so I am going to defer it from Stein. We will likely need to talk about some of the design implications that came up late in Stein for this during the Train PTG for things like resetting image metadata when attaching a new root volume with a new image, and handling tags/multiattach volumes. -- mriedem 20190305

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/was,n,z

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    Re-propose detach root volume spec

efried 20190408 fast approved as reproposal for train

efried 20190408 unapproving blueprint pending further spec discussions and updates

I think we're just waiting on a spec amendment for this based on the agreements at the Train PTG:

-- mriedem 20190530

Deferring this out of Train since it wasn't approved and we're about 2 weeks from feature freeze. -- mriedem 20190829


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