Option to always create network metadata information as static

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This allows the operator to choose to have network metadata always act as if the network configuration should be static. Even when dhcp is enabled on the network in neutron.

This is useful because:
- If an image is missing cloud-init or it fails to run, I as an operator want the image to be able to dhcp as last resort.
  - IE I want everything static - as the prefered, but have dhcp enabled as a backup
- Some images that people use come with eth0 by default configured to dhcp (so this fallback works nicely if dhcp is really still needed)
- Plus with ironic, I need dhcp enabled so that boxes will dhcp during pxe boot but afterwards - I dont want them to be tied to a dhcp server.

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I am not keen how this appears to change an API via config. I also really want neutron to own the network config here, using properties on the port might be better than Nova configuration, but thats a little messy really. For the ironic case, I prefer having a separate VLAN network for the PXE dhcp server to any network you attach the user to, which would make the two things independent at least. That might be closer to what you want here? not sure. --johnthetubaguy 20170330

This is something I don't have experience with in Nova, so I'd ask that you follow up with jroll, johnthetubaguy and dansmith to see what they think about this and if they think a spec isn't needed but this is a good add, then I'm good with it. -- mriedem 20170316

jroll says:
I don't see anything too crazy about it
from ironic POV
though I wonder if there's other ways to do it, hm

Gerrit topic: https://review.openstack.org/#q,topic:novaalwaysinjectnetwork,n,z

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/336293
    Option to always create network metadata information as static

Approved as a specless blueprint for Pike. -- mriedem 20170413

I'm deferring this to the Queens release since the Nova change is abandoned and we're two days from the Pike feature freeze. There were also some concerns with the direction in the change which should be sorted out if this is re-proposed for Queens. -- mriedem 20170725


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