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elementary audio player needs a better name. "noise" has a negative feel to it.

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Just a suggestion - Tunes or Tunez


These are some alternatives suggested:

Some *Box alternatives (difficult to beat BeatBox):



-- Victor


-- voluntatefaber


-- suggested on the website by user 'peedanee'

JukeBox (i think it's the best one... but maybe too colloquial...)

--suggested by abelokeponemos


--suggested by gotwig


--suggested by sgo


-- Mana


As suggested by KevinKleinman on elementary answers, so I can't take credit for it. I thought it's allusion to the nine muses of ancient Greece fitted well with Elementary's deity naming theme. Whether that's a plus or a minus I can't say.



After all, elementary's music player has a huge influence on the project, seeing how a lot of people consider it one of the most valuable elementary apps (I cannot be the only one who got convinced by the music player). ~KevinKleinman

-- Anubeon


Hope it's not too late to comment:

From the HIG: "In many cases, you want to carry a distinct brand to a user's desktop, and your app's name is likely the first thing a user will hear."

Thus, I don't think that the app name has to use any "music-y" terms per se. Zune, Banshee, Pandora, Audacity, Amarok, Clementine, Spotify... None of these product names confuse people, and all of them have a strong brand associated with them.

Having a stand-out name helps a lot to attract new users who, for example, search "media player" in the Software Center. Tempo, on the other hand, sounds just like dozens of other apps, that could be music players, library managers, metronomes, sheet music editors, or whatever.

Some ideas with more brand potential:

Foray - suggests adventure & discovery
Bigfoot - suggests a strong, solid player and has mascot potential (added this to the FB poll)
Gaucho - cowboys sing songs, right?
Pulse - as mentioned below
Character - as in "setting the mood"
Notion - same thing, related to "ambience"
Rudiment - as in "rudimentary," which means "elementary" and is also a percussion term

--suggested by amk


I strongly agree with a namechange (or actually I seem to have been the first to mention it in the Answers section). I think "Pulse" would definitely fit in perfectly with the rest of the elementary apps. My favorite so far! Chord or Arpeggio would probably go better with a music creation app than an audio player. -- Kevin Kleinman

I don't know if it's worth to take this into consideration, but different names open up possibilities for different icons. - Mana


Wave - as in sound wave

-- suggested by dimitrov

If great minds think alike and if we are great minds, then "Wave" would be a solid option. Wave or Pulse. ;-) --KevinKleinman


Not sure if my comment is welcome, but I thought it was worth mentioning that Pulse is also the name of a growingly popular Android and iPad app. It's probably best to avoid that name for the sake of avoiding potential confusion.

I'm liking Melody, it feels sweet, simple and memorable. Muse is pretty clever though, 'inspired' even. xD -- David Raid


Hi everybody! This is the first time I do this, so if this isn't the proper space to comment I apologize in advance.

I've been thinking about it and I would like to suggest a couple of alternative names:

Sonus - that is latin for sound, I thought it "sounded" kind of cool.

Melodia - Both words are italian synonyms for music


Hope this helps! Giacomo Colivicchi.


Hello! I think that Melody is best for Noise. Wave, Aria and Tempo are good, too.

tuneIn, tuneOut, primaryBeat? stirBox, thrillBox, songBox? Sorry, but, I just can't, well, understand it...

I mean, what does primaryBeat even mean. My primary... beat??? And, ummm, stirBox, yeah, , nooo... Sorry but elementary app should focus on normal users who just find it as "Music Player". Melody, Tempo, Aria, they all associate to music but primaryBeat? It has beat, but I just find it "misleading" and "uninformative" and I'm quite advanced user.

And leave those boxes, too. First of all, name is complicated. Second, it has two capital letters, which is NOT simplistic nor elementary-like. Third, beauty is not in the name, so no |\/|uSiCpłAyeR. Look, elementary is called elementary because it is and should be elementary. So, simplistic names, please.

Sorry if I in any way offended you. Stefan Ivanović or sivanovic12345


Regarding this Facebook poll:

Tempo is a brand name for handkerchiefs sold across Europe, which is being used as a generic name for any handkerchief. I think this name should be avoided for that reason.

--Alexander Wilms


Songs - isn't it elementary?

--suggested by vmus


So now this bluesprint is solved, let's go to use BeatBox…
…when we will have the right.

--Corentin Noël

How about Albums?
That's what we first see when we start up the program, a list of Albums, or a grid of Album art. And nobody will mistake it for Photo Albums, because they will be presented with the white musical note icon. People will subliminally see that it refers to music albums. It takes no effort to bridge the gap between it's name and it's function.


Sorry but has this discussion ended yet? I've just arrived at the blueprints page and am interested in this discussion.
I agree that the music-y names from classical music sound more like music creators (though I kinda like them). Pulse sounds beautiful to me, and as a user of the Pulse app on android, I don't think there'll be confusion.
But with regard to the facebook poll, tempo is indeed widely associated with tissues. Melody is alright, it's nice, but I don't feel like using it. Music is too elementary though. Anyway democratically speaking among the top few I'd definitely pick Melody.
I'm not sure if this input is meaningful or not. Thanks to all of you.

What about pantheon-music? and only display 'Music' in Plank and Slingshot.
By the way, I like other names like Melody, Sonata, and how sounds Noise.



It is obvious that we should name it Troubadour.
Es obvio que nosotros lo debemos llamar Troubadour.


In my opinion or "Troubadour" or "Music" or "iMusic" or "eMelody".


Why not follow the naming theme of pantheon-files and simply name it "Music" as I believe Gnome have also done. package name pantheon-music.



Work Items

Work items:
[victored] Create new branch at lp:~elementary-apps/noise/music and commit the following work there: TODO
[victored] Update all the branded strings in the codebase to avoid breaking internationalization, rewording them where required: TODO
[tintou] Update about-dialog info to point to lp music: TODO
[tintou] Rename all the po files under po/ using bzr mv: TODO
[tintou] Update ID strings in Noise.Settings and Noise.App: TODO
[tintou] Update gsettings schema, both filename (bzr mv) and internal namespaces: TODO
[victored] Update icon names under images (use bzr mv): TODO
[victored] Update CMake modules to compile a pantheon-music instead of noise. This is trivial thanks to noise's CMake implementation. Modifying the project name is enough, i.e. project(pantheon-music) at the root cmakelists.txt: TODO
[codygarver] Update recipes and package info to "pantheon-music": TODO
[codygarver] Update apport hooks: TODO
[codygarver] Rename the project to lp:music. This is only a rename, launchpad will take care of the rest for us: TODO
[cassidyjames] Clarify the situation for confused users: TODO

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