Hardy Release (NCP2.0)

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This describes and relates everything for the NCP2.0 release

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We should plan for the release. Given the recent pace (alpha1/2 and beta1), we should have a beta2 release sometime this month, followed by a possible RC and final release by the end of March.


Tasks graph for the release: http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/7379/ncp2hq9.png


Grey Box: Items that can be picked up by the community
Black Box: Erast's commitments (except Xen DomU)
Red Box : rootard's commitments, feel free to join in
Green Box : AnilG's commitments

Opensolaris build planed for final release: snv_104 with needed patches for stability

Main issues to be solved | Taken up by:
* NCP1 -> 2 upgrade path | erast

This will ensure NCP1 users can safely upgrade to NCP2 when it is releases and stable.
Trying to dist-upgrade, currently tries to replace dpkg, which fails. (fixed)
Trying to dist-upgrade fails on manpages postinst script.

* Server Docs | anilg

This will provide complete documentation for server packages available in our repository. This will be the first stop for users running a server app. Will be included by default in the Nexenta Server spinoff of NCP2, and will also be commercially supported by Nexenta Systems.

* Repository Rebuild | rootard/anilg/(wavejumper?)

Many packages are in need of library dependency updates and to ensure that they compile at all. (postponed)
  -- several packages have been upgraded and rdepends have been recompiled manually

Several base packages are still bootstrapped from the elatte-* repositories and need to be upgraded. These packages need to be identified and upgraded, then other packages that depend on them need to be rebuilt.

Also, there is a bug in dpkg-shlibdeps that does not catch libraries when they are built as part of the same package. ruby1.8/libruby1.8 is an example with a bug-report. Other examples exist that don't have reports attached.

The other two repositories can be recompiled after the NCP2.0 release as users can largely grab the contents via aptitude and the live repository.

* Nagging bugs that plague the user environment

rootard - critical bug fixes in gnu userland
erast - critical bug fixes in solaris packaging
community - non-critical bugs

* iSCSI target functionality
  -- fixes released, needs testing

* Others : please add

Essential enhancements to be made | Taken up by:
See above

IRC planning meetings
unless there is a specific reason to meet, just come by in an ad-hoc manner and someone will likely pick up the conversation. For discussions that involve large TZ differences there is also email on the nexenta-devel list.

Distribution Testing
This seems to happen on a constant basis by users who are interested in the OS. We will need more rigorous testing in the final freeze, but this can largely be based on bug reports and communication of problems in IRC.

Timeline for release process
Critical bug reports triaged by Wed Feb. 18
Critical repository re-build support/bugs resolved by Mon Feb. 23
(skip for NCP2.0) Start repository rebuild -- Wed Feb. 25
Distribution freeze/final testing -- Fri Mar. 6
Pre-release (RC1) -- Wed Mar. 11
Community Release (NCP2.0) -- Fri Mar. 13


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