allow multiple subnets to connect to vpn

Registered by yong sheng gong on 2013-12-06

I think we should allow more than one subnet_id in one vpnservice object.

This bp will allow user to create vpn service with multiple subnets, insert subnet into vpn service or remove it from vpn service.

We will try to keep compatible with the existing one subnet API

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Akihiro Motoki
Paul Michali
Paul Michali
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Accepted for mitaka
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Started by
Armando Migliaccio on 2015-10-20
Completed by
Akihiro Motoki on 2015-11-17


Nov-23-2015(armax): the feature is indeed implemented, but there's a problem with discoverability of the API extension, and bug #1515670 is about that.

Nov-23-2015(armax): some bugs look still open. Are we sure we can claim this implemented?

armax(Oct-19-2015): If I am not mistaken, this has been taken care of in these patches:,n,z - Note (pc_m): This is the RFE, which at the time of approval, a spec/BP was not deemed neccesary for this change (by mestery)

- server side review
- client change
- functional test enhancements commit
- API documentation for both endpoint groups (the foundation code) and multiple local subnets, and, respectively.

(pc_m)There are some related tasks that will need to be addressed, once the main feature is upstreamed. Provided here for reference:

- API test for new endpoint group and multiple local subnet APIs (once API tests available in neutron-vpnaas repo).
- Horizon support for multiple local subnet feature.
- Check when changing subnet in use by endpoint group (
- Akihiro would like to see endpoint group API placed in an extension shim to make the API discoverable. (


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