Layer 2 driver for Nexus OS-based Switches to perform CRUD operations on VLANs.

Registered by Edgar Magana on 2011-08-04

This driver will work under the L2 Network PlugIn. This driver will manage and control Nexus OS-based family switches such as Nexus 7k, 5k and 3K in order to complete a Layer 2 network configuration. CRUD operations for VLAN management will be included as well as configuration of specific switch port ethernet interfaces.

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These are steps involved in the Layer 2 Network Creation with NX-OS Driver

a) Quantum service invokes L2 Network Plugin
b) L2 Network Plugin calls the Cisco NX-OS Driver
c) NX-OS driver creates a VLAN on Nexus Switch
d) NX-OS driver sets-up the VLAN parameters
e) NX-OS driver sets-ups the ports associated to the UCSM 6120

The Nexus OS-based driver uses NETCONF [RFC4721] Configuration Protocol over Secure SHell (SSH) version 2.
To run NETCONF over SSH, the client will first establish an SSH transport connection using the SSH transport protocol, and the client and server will exchange keys for message integrity and encryption. The client will then invoke the "ssh-userauth" service to authenticate the user, as described in the SSH authentication protocol [RFC4252]. Once the user has been successfully authenticated, the client will invoke the "ssh-connection" service, also known as the SSH connection protocol.
After the ssh-connection service is established, the client will open a channel of type "session", which will result in an SSH session. Once the SSH session has been established, the user (or application) will invoke NETCONF as an SSH subsystem called "netconf". The NX-OS driver will use a third party library called ncclient ( to establish the SSH transport connection to the Nexus OS-based switches.

The NX-OS driver implements all of the default Quantum Network operations. It will also integrate vendor-specific operations such as QoS control and Monitoring sessions. The new operations will be available through the API extension framework. These are some of operations that it would be include:

set_netflow(vlan_id, netflow_name):
Apply a NetFlow Monitor to this VLAN.

Set Remote Span for this VLAN.

set_flowcontrol(int_type, int_id, trans_direction):
Turn on/off flowcontrol for a specific interface.

set_cdp(int_type, int_id, on_off):
Turn on/off CDP for a specific interface.

set_monitor_session(session_id, valan_id):
Create a monitoring session for a specific VLAN.


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