Base Quantum Horizon Integration

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This is a proxy blueprint for work that will be done in Horizon to integrate with Quantum.

This work has a dependency on the new v2.0 Quantum API.

Folsom Summit Etherpad:

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Akihiro Motoki
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This blueprint covers the bare minimum required in Horizon for the basic Quantum workflow:

- Panels to create/delete networks
- Panels to create/delete subnets per network
- Network selection integrated into the Horizon launch instance workflow

Arvind has the current state of his work here:

Arvind is OOO until late July, so we need to still make progress while he's out.

(Jul 17, 2012 Dan's mail)
Here is the plan for the initial Quantum commit into Horizon:

v1 (Folsom-3):
The new structure will be limited to:
- Creating networks and specifying any number of subnets to be associated with the network.
- All port views will be removed and port level interactions will not be visible to the user in the first iteration.
- Ability to select network interfaces (limit to 4 currently) when creating an instance in Horizon.

v2 (or later)
There is also additional Horizon/Quantum work we were hoping to get done in F-3, such as enabling the Floating IPs + Security Groups capabilities in Horizon to talk to the Quantum API, but all of that work likely depends on the base functionality in this patch, so hopefully we can focus on that first.

Action Lists for v1:
 #1 Implement quantum API layer -> implemented (Jul 20, amotoki)
 #2 (check quantum client with keystone) -> confirmed works well with syspanel (Jul 20)
 #3 System Panel support for quantum (implements UI and logic)
    -> implemented 1st prototype (Jul 20, amotoki)
    -> Need to improve the Syspanel design.
 #4 User Panel support for quantum (implements logic)
 #5 Launch Instance with multiple VIFs
 #6 Write tests
I am working on

1st prototype is available at

(2012, Aug 6)
Implemented network user panel and sys panel. All expected features for v1 Quantum support have been implemented and I think the current patch set is ready for review.

 - Added quantum API layer,
 - Added network/subnet/port CRUD operations,
 - Added 'Network' user panel,
 - Added 'Network' system panel,
 - Added 'Networking' tab in instance creation workflow.
 - Supported launching an instance with specified network(s)


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