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Tracks work to support DHCP in Quantum independent of nova (since nova-network will be going away when Quantum is in use).

DHCP support in Quantum will implemented over F2 and F3. During F2 the focus will be on integrating with the new v2 API and delivering an implementation that works via a polling agent. The focus during F3 will be on optimization and making the implementation more resilient to failure.

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dan wendlandt
Carl Perry
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Mark McClain
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Accepted for folsom
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dan wendlandt
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dan wendlandt

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F2 Milestone:
Design of DHCP Backend API
 - dnsmasq implementation
 - dhcprelay implementation (for centralized DHCP deployments)
 - ISC dhcpd implementation
 - null implementation

DHCP agent lib (common code )
 - actions triggered by polling
Linux Bridge DHCP Agent

Known F2 limitation: Single point of failure, all-or-nothing DHCP and networks

F3 Milestone:
Update lib to rely on notifications
Multi host mode for HA
Per network DHCP option implementation

Original notes from summit:

Notes from Folsom Summit Etherpad:
This includes support for:
- IPAM integrated with Quantum (port of Melange?)
  * discussed yesterday.
- DHCP injection (aka instance networking) based on IPAM config (work done here by locaweb + nicira?).
  * HA FlatDHCP
  * Dreamhost is working on another DHCP service based on a VM implementation.
  * dnsmasq does support v6.
  * why not use dhcpd?
  * might not want one VM per tenant. concern about overhead.
  * not talking about tenant-facing APIs.
  * can use vendor class identifier per network so that someone would run a single DHCP server for all tenant networks.
  * What about stateless IPv6 address management?
  * Will suport v4 and v6
  * enable "per-network" dhcp.
  * Drivers: Carl P., Mark McClain goal for F2, PotHix for isc-dhcp
  * what about multi-host. simple dnsmasq model?

Open Questions:
- Do we expose some kind of a way for providers to enable DHCP on a per-network basis? Currently, DHCP is all or nothing across a deployment.

Gerrit topic: https://review.openstack.org/#q,topic:bp/quantum-dhcp,n,z

Addressed by: https://review.openstack.org/9064
    implement dhcp agent for quantum


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