LBaaS Python APIs / CRUD Operations

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Work items for LBaaS Python APIs / CRUD Operations
- Python plugin API (one-to-one mapping of WS API)
- SQLAlchemy data models
- CRUD operations (this should enable use of the API with what is effectively a "null" driver)

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Sachin Thakkar
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Sachin Thakkar
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Accepted for grizzly
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Sachin Thakkar
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Thierry Carrez

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Issues with unit tests are preventing merge.

[Jan 4th 2012]: Leon: Repost the review after incorporated Mark's comments (mainly on coding styles). Please review.

[Dec 31 2012]: Leon: incorporated Oleg and Ilya's comments. Review resent.

Happy New Year!

[Dec 24 2012]: Leon: Another review sent out. Details: Rebased to the committed LBaaS API Extension change; Significant change on database object definition by adding more orm.relationship between related objects. Incorporated a lot of review comments. Modified unit test according and passed.

[Dec 13 2012]: Leon: Incorporated Oleg's latest change on LBaaS API extension; Incorporate part of review comments from Salvatore. Unit test is modified and passed.
Review is sent out. However, I still have to go through Salvatore's bunch of review comments and respond with my thoughts.

[Dec 12 2012]: Leon: I have to incorporate Oleg's change on LBaaS API extension and do the modification on LbaaS plugin accoridngly. Need to pass the unit tests again. Meanwhile to incorporate a lot of comments from Salvatore. Hopefully to deliver 2nd review by end of this week.

[Nov 24 2012]: Leon has shared the patch for review. Waiting for access to post it on gerrit - posted to ML for now.
[Nov 12 2012]: on track for g2

Gerrit topic:,topic:lbaas-plugin-api-crud,n,z

Addressed by:
    The change implemented Lbaas CRUD Sqlalchemy operations.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/lbaas-plugin-api-crud,n,z

Addressed by:
    The change implemented Lbaas CRUD Sqlalchemy operations.


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