Add support for the Nexus 1000V into the Cisco Plugin

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This blueprint tracks the addition of Nexus 1000V support into the Cisco plugin. The Nexus 1000V will allow for the creation of virtual networks on KVM based hypervisors.

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Kyle Mestery
Kyle Mestery
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Abhishek Raut
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Accepted for havana
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Kyle Mestery
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Abhishek Raut

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16-Jul: Moving to H3 as this will not be able to merge prior to H2 cutoff.

Scope: This blueprint will track internally the addition of Nexus 1000V support into the Cisco plugin.

Use Cases: This will enable the Cisco Nexus 1000V to integrate with the Cisco plugin and be used to drive the realization of Quantum constructs.

Implementation overview: TBD

Data Model Changes: All locally contained to the Cisco plugin. We will likely be adding a few new extension APIs around port-profiles here.

Configuration variables: TBD


Plugin interface: N/A

Required plugin support: N/A, this is a blueprint specifically for the Cisco plugin.

Dependencies: Nothing new outside of the existing Cisco plugin code.

CLI requirements: The plugin will introduce new CLIs around port-profiles. Examples of this are listed here:

1. Create a network profile
    quantum profile-create PROFILE_NAME network --segment_type vlan --segment_range 400-499
2. Create a network
    quantum net-create NETWORK_NAME --n1kv:profile_id NETWORK_PROFILE_ID
    The above NETWORK_PROFILE_ID is that of the network profile created in step 1.
3. Create a subnet
    quantum subnet-create NETWORK_NAME
    NETWORK_NAME corresponds to the name of the network created in step 2.
4. Create a port
    quantum port-create NETWORK_NAME --n1kv:profile_id POLICY_PROFILE_ID
    The above POLICY_PROFILE_ID is that of the policy profile received from Nexus 1000V VSM
5. Boot a VM
    nova boot --image IMAGE_ID--flavor 1 --nic net-id=NETWORK_ID --meta port_id=PORT_ID VM_NAME
    IMAGE_ID can be found out by executing "nova image-list" command.
    NETWORK_ID is the network uuid from step 2
    PORT_ID is the port uuid from step 4

Horizon requirements: In progress.

Usage example: See CLI section.

Test cases: Unit tests will be a part of this new sub-plugin.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/cisco-plugin-n1k-support,n,z

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    Add support for the Nexus 1000V into the Cisco Plugin.


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