cd should change directory in Nautilus as well

Registered by Jan on 2010-09-10

Currently, cd in the Terminal does not change the directory in the Nautilus window, only the other way around.

Quoting the other blueprints at
»[…] in which the working directory would change as you navigate thru the directories in the GUI window and vice versa.«

And at
»The current directory of Nautilus and the embedded terminal window would be synchronized, to that changing the directory in the GUI, reflects the change in the terminal window, and visa-versa.«

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Jan on 2010-09-10


[flozz 2010-09-10]
I wanted to do it... but I can't change the path in nautilus... it is not in the api :(

[jancborchardt 2010-09-10]
Hmm, that should really be in there shouldn’t it? Might be worth filing a bug against Nautilus.

A hack solution would be to run »nautilus FOLDER« and kill the previous Nautilus instance. Like when you put »cd cover-thumbnailer« it does a pkill and then a »nautilus cover-thumbnailer«. That would probably be highly distacting and dangerous for instances with multiple tabs though. :)

[Dazed_75 2010-10-14]
I also thought cd should change Nautilus' current directory. BUT after playing a little, I realized I did not really want that to always happen. One of the useful things for the embedded terminal is to explore, or search for something. What would be better woould be to have buttons, or scripts to either send nautilus to the current directory of the embedded terminal or to return the embedded terminal to the current directory of nautilus. And that might be more doable (maybe?).

[FLOZz 2010-10-21]
It is easy to add a button.
Please report this feature request as a bug and I will do it when I have some time :)

[michael-cognacc 2011-02-06]
Can't you just use the environment.
Isnt there an api for that, getenv() or some such?
Or system.env.
in the terminal $ env | grep -i pwd
gives the current working directory
or $ export | grep -i pwd


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