Post Deployment Testing For Services

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Murano workflows and API/WebUI should support the post-deployment testing for deployed services. This testing should be performed at the end of workflows and before allowing access to VMs for users (Murano will check the status of service before some workflows rules, like 'assign floating IP' or 'add web server host to server farm')
Also user will have ability to run this testing when they want it.

Note: this is no real-time monitoring, just several functional tests for the current service. And this is should be no-required part of workflows (user can add this part or not).
This testing can take 5+ minutes and user will see the real-time log messages from tests.

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User Story #1:
User want to create new service Tomcat WebFarm (this is several web servers and LoadBlancer) with user-defined web application, which user will share with friends, team or clients, and user want to make several tests for each VM before adding IP of this VM to LoadBalancer configuration.
User creates workflow for this service and adds 'testing' part in this workflow and after that Murano will perform user-defined tests before adding new VMs to the Web Servers Farm.

User Story #2:
User creates and deploys some services using Murano and after that user want to check the status of services and perform some testing for each service.
User navigates to the WebUI (or user can perform this via API), selects service or environment and clicks 'Test This Service/Environment'. After that Murano should perform some testing for each selected service and make a testing report for each service. Testing report contains some information about status and configuration (for example, it can be some security/configuration/performance testing)

User Story #3:
User want to create simple service without any tests. User defines new workflow and WebUI forms and after that user can deploy this service, but can not perform testing for this service (User can not see button Test This Service/Environment after the deployment).


Work Items

Work items:
Add new functionality to Murano Conductor: TODO
Add new functionality to Murano WindowsAgent: TODO
Add new functionality to Murano LinuxAgent: TODO
Add new functionality to Murano API/WebUI: TODO
Update workflows and add 'testing' part for all services: TODO
Describe new functionality in documentation: TODO

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