Remove name field from explicit fields and object model in dynamic UI

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In order to make MuranoPL debugging easier, the engine should immediately fail on any unknown key in object model. But currently at least one field is passed from dynamic UI to engine, of which the engine doesn't know anything: the 'name' field. It is passed to the object model to be later extracted and shown as the name of component in Components table.

But since it is not needed by the engine itself, it could be stored inside application['?']

To do so, 'name' field should also be removed from ordinary list of fields inside 'Forms' section - because all fields in that section are processed in the same manner, while 'name' field should be processed in a specific way.
 That field should be inserted automatically as first one into the first step of Add Application wizard.
 All references to 'name' field in existing applications' UI should be wiped out.

That change will NOT break backward compatibility.

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[Stan L.]
Lets move name to '?'/'name' in object model for each object and add name() function to MuranoPL to access it for debugging purposes. When this BP will be implemented next step is to make object model loader fail if it encounters property that was not declared in MuranoPL class
Will we support both version 2 and version 2.1. We need to do backward compatibility now as we have customers with previous versions.
[tsufiev 20.08.14]
Original plans were to not support version 2 in latest code, because it will be cheaper to convert existing packages (as their number is not very big) than to start adding code for backward compatibility thus increasing total code complexity.
Does every involved person agree that 'name' attribute should be moved out of MuranoPL? I remember there was some controversy on that matter.


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    Remove 'name' from explicit fields in object model

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    Add NetworkChoiseField to Dynamic UI

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Work Items

Work items:
Add 'name' field spec to the first Application's form: TODO
Extract 'name' field value into designer attributes storage: TODO
Use 'name' from designer attributes storage in environments table: TODO
Remove 'name' references from existing Applications markup: TODO

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