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Category parameter is not required for library packages, but we don't know type of the package until file will be uploaded to the server - so the package upload workflow has to be split into 2 steps. First step includes only file upload control. Once file is uploaded and validated, murano-api returns a json with all required info about validated package. Once it is returned, workflow proceeds to the second step, where all the fields which can be modified in 'Modify Package' dialog can be reentered. These fields use values from package manifest (returned by api) as initial values. Category field is shown only for 'Application' packages, it is empty and required.

This blueprint require changes only in murano-dashboard.

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Ekaterina Chernova
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Alexander Tivelkov

So we need to add two-step process with the second step being optional. On the fist step a package file is uploaded, without any other fields displayed at all (and it gets no categories assigned at this point). If the package type is "Application", then a second step is displayed, where the user selects categories (and modifies tags, description etc) - i.e. an "Edit Package" dialog is displayed. If the package type is "Library", then no second step is displayed and library is added to the catalog without any categories.

Timur Sufiev

What Alexander said is making sense to me.

Brian Tully

I agree with what Alex proposed as well. Assuming that a library doesn't require or use categories or tags, they shouldn't be required. However, in terms of applications, I feel strongly that a category should be required when adding the application to the catalog, especially since we filter by category on the catalog index page. If an application doesn't fit into one of the predesignated categories, then maybe we should create an "Other" category for apps that don't fit in. In any event, I think if we leave category as not required we will lose a lot of functionality as most people will probably opt not to specify a category if they don't have to.

Stan Lagun

+1 for Other/Miscellaneous etc

Alexander Tivelkov
+1 on Other category: we may assign it automatically during the first step.

The implementation is temporarily blocked by
So the next form of the wizard is un-modal

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