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Clients should be able to create/upload, read\list, update, delete (CRUD) custom workflows. This should be per tenant so that custom workflows from one customer are not visible by default to another. Private and public workflows is a good idea.

The following functional should be available:
1. Upload a new workflow. This workflows file should contain the definition of UI forms, workflow itself and all necessary scripts and templates
2. Uploaded workflow should appear as
  a) a new service if it is a fll service definition
  b) a new actions for a service
  c) additional step for another workflow (optianally can be implemented as combined workflows)
3. UI should expose a page with a list of custom workflows uploaded
4. User should be able to delete or update the workflows
5. Custom workflows should be accessible from the tenant where it was created by default
6. It should be possible to share uploaded workflow with other tenants

All this features will be implemented using Metadata Repository. Full specification of this component can be found at Murano Wiki page:

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Georgy Okrokvertskhov
Alexander Tivelkov
Needs approval
Alexander Tivelkov
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Accepted for 0.x
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milestone icon 0.4
Started by
Timur Sufiev
Completed by
Timur Sufiev

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The "user" is not an openstack admin. A project/tenant admin should be able to add a workflow and all related artifacts (scripts, templates, etc) through an API.

User Story:
As a project admin I would like the ability the ability to add, through an API, a custom application deployment workflow. This custom app deployment should run after the core IIS workflow has run successfully.

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