Need to add the ability to split services by categories

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It will be good to have the ability to split all services by the categories, for example, using 'tags'.

User Story:
I'm a user and I want to create several own services, for example, for QA labs.
I want to have the separate group of services and I want to have the ability to move services between different groups.

During the service configuration I can select the group of services (for example, select one or more tags) and after that I can select service from this category.

It will help to organize usefull services and split services by groups.

here the two ways for implementation:
1. The simplest method: add new drop down list to the first step in 'service configuration wizard': Category.
2. Implement 'tags' for services and group all services using different tags (and several tags for one service, for example) It will require to change the UI.

The example form with tags:

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Quick (and not the most beautiful) way to implement tags is to use 2 drop-down lists - one for tags and one for service selection. Tag drop-down list will have multiple selection on + it will show all the available tags. By default all tags are selected. The content of the service selection list depends on the tags selected in tags list.

 * really simple
 * shows all existing tags (no need to know them in advance)

 * Drop-down list with 'multiple' attribute is no longer a drop-down (in most browsers it will take as much rows, as there are tags in it) - so it could consume a substantial amount of form space.

Murano team, we are working on a service that we believe you could leverage here. - Travis Tripp

Travis, could you share more details with us? - Timur Sufiev

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    Support filtering Apps by Category.


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